10 ways to use Chermoula

10 ways to use Chermoula


Colourful Chermoula is a zesty Moroccan classic made for drizzling over prawns, levelling up your weekly tagine or as a marinade for fish before it’s sent to the grill, pan or oven. Want to master the art of Moroccan cooking? Chermoula takes you one step closer. 

Health Benefits

Made from 100% natural ingredients, including coriander, paprika, cumin, preserved lemons, ginger, olive oil, salt and garlic. It’s also nice to know that our sauce is vegan, and completely gluten and dairy free! 

It contains cumin, parsley and olive oil which are all high in antioxidants, and cumin, paprika and coriander with anti-inflammatory effects. Paprika, one of Chermoula’s main ingredients, is also a spice with multiple benefits, it improves your cholesterol, eye health, and controls blood sugar levels.

Tasty and great for you, Chermoula is your next go-to. 


As you may know, sustainability is extremely important to us, and so all our sauces are stored in glass jars which are not only recyclable but reusable. 


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