10 ways to use Smoky Ras El Hanout

10 ways to use Smoky Ras El Hanout

This year, classic takeaway cuisines like Chinese, Italian and Indian predictably made it to the UK's top ten favourite cuisines, but what statistics also proved is that some of the less-readily available cuisines ranked highly. To our delight, Moroccan was one of them! To get in on the action, keep reading... 

Smoky Ras El Hanout is the perfect spice to try this summer, its fragrant BBQ flavour will have everyone happy at the family barbecue. Here's a list of some of my favourite ways to use it: 

1. Pizza. A sprinkle of Smoky Ras El Hanout on this classic is all you need! Make your next pizza Friday lahmacun style. 

2. It's time to make use of your BBQ: try Smoky Ras El Hanout to season burgers, chicken and fish on the grill. 

3. Spice up summer vegetables cauliflower, buttered corn and pepper with Smoky Ras El Hanout's BBQ twist. 

4. The same goes for your summer salads. A hit of Smoky Ras El Hanout instantly elevates a chickpea salad, pepper salad or even a zaalouk salad, with cooked aubergine and tomato. So refreshing! 

5. Another BBQ favourite: halloumi. Add Smoky Ras El Hanout to honey and bang - you have grilled BBQ perfection. 

6. Go full on Morocco with Kefta tagine and Kefta brochette with ground beef or lamb. There is no doubt this spice is made for meaty dishes. 

7. On the same vein (and it may not be for everybody?) is grilled liver. Marinade the liver with a pinch of Smoky Ras El Hanout and put it on the grill for a few minutes until completely seared but spongy.  No one likes tough liver!

8. A refreshing one! Smoky Ras El Hanout meat with yoghurt. Choose a meat of your choice and shower it with our BBQ hit, then pair with yoghurt to re-balance the flavour. 

9. Who loves a kebab? With a BBQ hit they are even better. Marinade, put on the grill, and there, everyone is happy. 

10. Finally, try Smoky Ras El Hanout with fragrant roasted aubergine. Get it in the mix, then roast for 20-30 mins minutes until completely tender.