Moroccan Women Making Couscous

Magical Moroccan Cooking

Every day in Morocco, in gardens fragrant with ripened oranges, older folk pass on a wealth of culinary knowledge. Younger generations learn that mint and olives come from Meknes, zesty lemons from Fez, and the prized spice saffron from a place called Taliouine.

In traditional rustic kitchens, Moroccan mother’s teach their children how to cook  — tagines, sweets, pastillas and the softest pearls of couscous. Treasured family recipes, carried through the eras, are gifted to eager learners for preparing, cooking and serving.

Amboora captures the essence of these special moments and shares them with the world, delivering delicious products and recipes that friends and family can enjoy. Named after precious North African amber, a honey-coloured jewel believed to hold a deep connection to the cosmos, this authentic brand introduces bold flavours and intoxicating aromas.

From Souk to the City

Amboora travels far and wide to discover the highest quality ingredients: from the majestic peaks of the Atlas mountains to the vibrant bazaars of the city. North Africa is an untapped treasure trove of the most delectable herbs, nuts, fruits and spices — rich, flavourful, piquant, sweet, and bursting with incredible colour.

With discerning taste and peerless knowledge, the Amboora team select only the freshest ingredients for its range of versatile cooking products. When you serve Amboora, you know you’re tasting authentic Morocco.

Sacred spices such as cumin, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric and ginger add vivacity and depth of flavour, whilst natural sweeteners such as orange blossom and rose water act as fragrant palate tinglers.

Spices, Saffron, Turmeric,
Moroccan Mint Tea with Glasses

For Preparing & Sharing

Moroccan hospitality is an experience to behold. Families and friends gather in community circles to chat, share and enjoy. Tasty tagines, slow-cooked for hours, are a staple of every meal, laced with lemons, raisins, olives, meats and the freshest market vegetables.

Sweets served with mint tea and aromatic coffee are a focal point of daily life, relished by friends when chatting and served after meal times.

Amboora introduces these time-old customs to the modern kitchen, enabling foodies, chefs and connoisseurs to sample and experience them. Thanks to a list of special recipes and an ever-growing product range, you can dazzle with your culinary knowledge and impress every dinner guest.