Nadia founder of Amboora standing face to face with her daughter in Morocco

Meet Nadia, Amboora's Foodie Founder

Amboora offers you not only great spices and food ideas, but an no-judgment community space to learn about Moroccan cuisine, culture and awareness days like Eid and Ramadan.

Nadia Hamila is the founder of Amboora, the UK’s go to Moroccan food business and platform with a mission to educate and inspire. With a Moroccan and Tunisian heritage, but born in London, Nadia acts as a bridge between two very different cultures, and with Amboora, she strives to bring them together. 

Nadia named her business after her daughter’s Arabic nickname, Amboora, for a reason. Nadia says, ‘I wanted to make sure my daughter is taught about the beauty and richness of her culture and passing down family traditions’. Amber is a 2nd generation British born Moroccan Tunisian’, and same as Nadia, London-born, so teaching and re-teaching about cultural practices and values is crucially important.

Nadia's Mission

First and foremost, Nadia's mission is to educate. This involves: dispelling myths, teaching about Moroccan cuisine, culture and traditions, and to ultimately complete an incomplete story about Morocco and the kind of country it actually is. 

Secondly, Nadia has the need to inspire. It's time to get UK and the world cooking good meals again, loving food, and wanting to see and taste beauty of Morocco. 

Fun facts about Nadia

  • Passionate about cooking and experimenting with recipes especially adding a modern twist to traditional dishes.
  • Love to travel extensively and having Amber didn’t stop her. 
  • A complete caffeine addict 

Business Roadmap

Amboora started out solely as a food business, but since its inception, it has become more than that. Now,  a platform with a community who love Moroccan food and culture.  

At Amboora, we offer spices, condiments and sauces and in the future other products with the aim of Amboora becoming the go-to Moroccan food brand. 

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