Morocco's Best Kept Secret... Throne Day

Morocco's Best Kept Secret... Throne Day

Morocco's most well known celebration you've probably never heard of, Throne Day, is here.

What is it?

Throne Day is a commemoration of sorts, similar to Queen's speech on Christmas Day. The occasion has taken place every year on the 30th of July since 1933. This year, it celebrates the 22nd anniversary of King Mohammed VI's ascension to the throne of his glorious ancestors. The speech often symbolises a connection to the past, reflecting on the last year and its trials, tribulations, and victories, but the King's words also act as a way to set the tone and mood of the nation moving forward.

We imagine this year, King Mohammed VI will discuss:

  • Building up economy again after Covid
  • The proposed vaccinations to be made in Morocco
  • Relationships with other countries and trade agreements, for example the bilateral agreement between UK and Morocco
  • Infrastructure changes

How is it celebrated?

The monarchy very well respected in Morocco, children even have to sing national anthem every morning at the start of school l and if you ever visit Morocco you'll see photographs of their ruler in every shop and street corner. So, Throne Day is very important for the people of Morocco. The Palace usually holds a strong social gathering but how they will celebrate will be unknown this year. Some families and friends have gatherings together at home where they watch the speech, celebrating the achievements of the nation and understand his vision for country. The King's leadership has improved the lives of many in Morocco by developing a modern and democratic society with recent projects such as Al Boraq, the fast railway in Africa and the Arab world, the Ourazatate Solar Power Station which is the largest in the world and Tangier's Med Port which is the largest in the Med region.

In light of this, the day is one which encourages national pride and social cohesion under their ruler and leader.

This year most celebrations of Throne Day have been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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