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We won the Great Taste Award for Ras El Hanout!

This week we found out that we won a Great Taste Award for our most popular spice - Ras El Hanout. We were so happy to hear the news and are grateful for all your congratulations! To our delight, the Great Taste team gushed us with praise: 

This is an incredible blend of spices that works fantastically with meat. There was vibrancy and warmth, complexity, bitterness, sweetness and saltiness that all amalgamated really well to leave a fresh but warm lingering finish. A brilliant combination of ingredients, expertly balanced”.

It's always fantastic to learn that your hard work has paid off, and it only solidifies our resolve to bring you even more great authentically Moroccan flavours in the future. Keep an eye out... they may come sooner than you think! Founder Nadia Hamila exclaims with excitement, 'I couldn't be happier to have won this award and the feedback that I received has been amazing!'. 

The Great Taste is judged by over 500 of the food industry's most expert palates, and with over 10,000 Great Taste entries this year, only 878 of them awarded a 2-star accolade - it's great to be in the top 9% and rated OUTSTANDING!