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Here at Amboora we want to normalise sustainable and ethical business practices. Our values below are our daily reminder of what we will commit to you and the planet. 

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Did you know our products are all vegan, dairy and gluten friendly, made locally in the UK, and stored in recyclable packaging? We’ve created our spices and sauces with you, and the planet, in mind – so you can rest easy that you’re not damaging the environment or contributing to unethical business practices.

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Our Business

Celebrating Moroccan culture has always been our number one priority. At Amboora, we are not looking to reinvent the wheel but to revive the rituals and traditions of our ancestors. The most important thing to Nadia is that her daughter learns to appreciate her Moroccan heritage, learning about Eid, Ramadan, and Moroccan cuisine. We hope that as Amboora learns, so do you!

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Authentically Moroccan, always 

Much of the world has grown used to a ‘throw-away’ culture and they no longer recognise the value of having food to eat in the first place. Follow our recipes to create your own authentically flavoured Moroccan dishes – keeping food waste to a minimum while tasting delicious! Amboora’s mission is to reignite a much-needed gratitude for food in people’s hearts.

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