We believe in business done better 


Fostering community and finding sustainable solutions is at the heart of Amboora. We work to help both people and the planet, through our food products and through giving back, because giving back is no longer
optional. It's essential.

We believe in business done better

At Amboora, our mission is to make cooking authentic Moroccan flavours easy and accessible while pioneering sustainable practices and fostering social impact. We are dedicated to crafting exceptional food experiences, minimising our environmental footprint through innovative, eco-friendly packaging solutions, and actively contributing to community well-being. Join us in savouring the flavours of Morocco with ease and making a positive impact on both the planet and people. 

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Our Business

Celebrating Moroccan culture has always been our number one priority. At Amboora, we are not looking to reinvent the wheel but to revive the rituals and traditions of our ancestors. The most important thing to Nadia is that her daughter learns to appreciate her Moroccan heritage, learning about Eid, Ramadan, and Moroccan cuisine. We hope that as Amboora learns, so do you!

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Nadia Hamila with daughter Amber Amboora


We prioritise sustainability in all aspects of our business. From the product to the packaging, it is important to us that we leave as small of an impact on the environment as possible. Currently, we are working on becoming a certified B-Corp. Once we are verified, we will be the only Moroccan food company in the UK with this certification.

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Our Products

Did you know our products are all vegan and gluten friendly, made locally in the UK, and stored in recyclable packaging? We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients and never adding artificial preservatives. We’ve created our products with you, and the planet, in mind – so you can rest easy knowing that you’re not damaging the environment or contributing to unethical business practices.

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Our Packaging

All of our spices, sauces, and condiments are thoughtfully packaged in recyclable containers. We also pride ourselves on using shipping materials that minimise our environmental impact. Our eco-conscious packaging ensures that every savoured moment is not just a celebration of flavour but also a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Authentically Moroccan, Always

Much of the world has grown used to a ‘throw-away’ culture and they no longer recognise the value of having food to eat in the first place. Follow our recipes to create your own authentically flavoured Moroccan dishes – keeping food waste to a minimum while tasting delicious! Amboora’s mission is to reignite a much-needed gratitude for food in people’s hearts.

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As a business and as a platform, we take our responsibility to look after people and the planet very seriously. This is why we support those in need by contributing to charities and causes that matter.

Education For All

We support Education For All (EFA), a UK-based non-profit committed to providing secondary education for girls in rural North Africa. They provide boarding near schools, meals, and academic support for girls living in rural Morocco who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend secondary school.

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Buy Women Built

Our founder, Nadia Hamila, is a member of Buy Women Built, an initiative designed to support female entrepreneurs. Members of Buy Women Built receive comprehensive support, resources, and mentorship to help them grow their business. This program emphasises the importance of diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship, recognizing the valuable contributions that female entrepreneurs bring to the economy. We are planning to add the Buy Women Built mark to all Amboora’s packaging in the near future so customers can quickly tell that they are supporting a female entrepreneur.

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Why these causes?

Amboora was founded and is owned by a female from an underrepresented ethnic minority. Because of this, we believe it is important to support causes that will make it easier for other people of similar backgrounds to succeed. Both Education For All and Buy Women Built are working to empower women and give them more opportunities that are particularly hard for women to find. Amboora was founded to help connect Nadia’s daughter, Amber, with her Moroccan heritage. Working with these causes will hopefully help make the world a more positive place where girls, like Amber, can feel empowered to share their ideas with the world.