10 ways to use Warm Ras El Hanout

10 ways to use Warm Ras El Hanout

71% of Brits believe multiculturalism makes British food better, are you one of them? Today is the day to add a Moroccan hit to your go to dishes by following my guide... 

Our warming Warm Ras El Hanout will bring a touch of magic to everyday dishes, here are some of my favourite ways to use it: 

1. Make a refreshing Lassi with a sprinkle of Warm Ras El Hanout - perfect for summer!

2. All manner of tagines! Pair Warm Ras El Hanout with classic Moroccan dish, tagine, for a taste of your choice. We recommend a vegetable tagine, using potatoes, peas and olives, or a tagine with apricots and pine nuts. 

3. Add a Moroccan touch to your roast chicken this Sunday. Marinade with a honeyed onion and almond sauce seasoned by Warm Ras El Hanout. 

4. For your barbecues this summer, grilled chicken kebabs spiced up with Warm Ras El Hanout. Season the raw chicken with our spice, and get it on the grill served with a dash of lemon or even better preserved lemon for the all Moroccan experience.   

5. A lockdown classic that lives on... banana bread! Sprinkle some Warm Ras El Hanout in the mix and you get a lovely warm and homely loaf. 

6. Are you vegan or vegetarian? Try Warm Ras El Hanout with grilled tofu this summer and it will be your go to. 

7. Chicken wings. Add Warm Ras El Hanout to a honey glaze for a tasty bite of honey glazed chicken on the bone. 

8. For a Monday morning - a latte, Moroccan style. Add Warm Ras El Hanout and turmeric for a beautiful warming mix of heaven. 

9. Panna cotta, the classic dish made fun by Warm Ras El Hanout. Simply add our spice to the goo, put in the oven, and wait.

10. Popcorn! Yes that's right, bored of sweet, salted and toffee? Warm Ras El Hanout puts a lovely twist on the classic snack. 

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